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Selling On eBay Avoid Auction Selling and Advertising Fees Forever

Online buying, selling and advertising has grown in recent years to massive proportions and has become an ever growing multi-billion dollar industry. More and more people are using the internet to buy goods and services and this means more companies and businesses need to advertise and sell online to keep up with competition. Leading the market in online buying and selling is eBay. With over 100 million members, over the years eBay has become the most used and best know auction site in the world. Thousands of items are bought and sold on eBay every day as more and more merchants list items for bid and sale.

However it is not all good news as this method of ecommerce comes with a price, one that could undermine the future of the industry. As a seller on eBay as well as many other similar sites there are fees to be paid. When you list an item you pay a fee, there are also fees associated with the kind of item you are selling, and if you sell your item you pay yet another fee, the amount depending on the price your item sold for.

There are also additional fees for the enhancing of listings like bold or highlight and more fees if you want to operate a store front. While all these fees could be justified because of the high traffic eBay and other similar sites have they can add up to huge amounts, especially if you are selling hundreds of items a week. This can have a negative effect as the merchant has to keep the fees in mind when setting the selling price on his or her goods, this can add up to the buyer not getting the best deal they can get because of the fees. There are alternative ecommerce sites that have no basic fees.

Where it is free to register, free to list items and free to sell them too. In short anyone can use it to buy and sell goods and services at no cost whatsoever. Take just a couple of minutes now. Get a piece of paper and write down the names of people you know that would like to be able to sell online for free, if you are already a seller then write down how many clients you could name that would like to buy from you cheaper because you don't have to pay any fees. Then after that write down how many businesses like restaurants, bars, florists, doctors, dentists, bakeries. clothing stores, shoe stores, hairdressers, mechanics, garages, car dealers, realtors (any business in fact) you have in your local area or home town that would like to be able to advertise to a global and local market place for up to 560 days continuously for free.

Richard van Beek invites you to visit EasyBid. It is new, it does not have the traffic or the membership that eBay and other similar sites have, but it has massive potential. Go to http://FreeEasyBid.com for more information.

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