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Social Bookmarking to Promote Your Home Business Website

Backlinks are identified as links from one website pointing back to your website. Just posting those links in other website directories is not enough; using backlinks to make money online is something you must learn. Backlinks are links from other sites to your website. Search engines weigh one-way backlinks more heavily, because they weed out the people who just trade backlinks to increase their ranking. Submit videos to video sites. Videos are one of the best ways to get your website "found" on the internet.

Submit a few stories and introduce it to some friends. If you enjoy the community, start using the site more frequently. Tagging today often refers to something entirely different. When you hear the terms, Tagged? Tags can function like keywords, and when you're in social bookmarking sites, it can make your page very easy to search.

Think of your tags as your way of filtering the members. Tagging allows you to group your links by topic, the way you might add folders to your file cabinet but you can put content in more than one folder. This practice makes it easy to do things like plan a vacation, track a niche area of coverage or collaborate with coworkers by sharing links useful to the group. After you introduce your business globally, then what? Adding these people as your friends may give you additional exposure to your site and of course the opportunity to meet new people, which are ultimately what social networking, is about. Marketers are experimenting while getting better attuned to consumers' opinions of their efforts. However, it isn't easy to join the communities that your customers have formed.

Read on for the six 'C's of social influence marketing. Market research is a funny business because it's usually based on easily obtained data, like Amazon rankings, bookstore shelf stocking and libraries. Marketing your site helps build brand awareness.

Building recognition for your brand is an ongoing process, but many website owners fail to see how important this step really is. Article marketing is the answer. Your articles represent you across the Internet and serve to establish you as an expert in your field. Article directories are mostly visited by others also submitting articles.

You want your article to be read by actual people and this will happen when web publishers put your article on their sites and email it to their lists. Search engines are computer programs that are used to explore the Internet in search of Web pages. They do this by using "spiders", "crawlers" or "robots", which are used to search the most up to date information on any given search query. Search Engines do not devalue all reciprocal links. They do appreciate quality, theme related reciprocal links. Searching for good keywords and using them on your home internet business blog or website is important not just for page ranking but more targeted web hits.

Although one can hire the best SEO consultants to provide you a list of valuable keywords, their services usually cost an arm and a leg. Search engines love blogs and often index them faster than websites. In addition, a blog automates many small tasks you'd normally need a webmaster for. Search engines search for content. I talk with people everyday about writing content. Blogger is actually owned by Google , so it may be detected on Google''s radar faster which means faster indexing.

WordPress however is quite flexible with a wide variety of plugins and features. Blog Talk Radio is just one example of how you can run your very own LIVE online radio show. With UStreme TV you can connect to a web cam and broadcast yourself LIVE to your audience. Copyright (c) 2008 Dock J Murphy.

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