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Web Traffic Techniques You Can Use Right Now for

As you probably know, getting web traffic to your site is one of the three most crucial components to making any money online. In Mark Joyner's Internet Intelligence Manuscript (Volume II) he clearly explains how any web traffic (not just "targeted traffic") can be made profitable, by mentally framing, or conditioning your visitors to become receptible to your offer. One of the easiest ways to mentally re-frame your visitors upon entry to your site, is to walk them through a three-step process that: A) Grabs their immediate attention with a promise of benefit B) Pre-Qualifies them before they get to your sales letter C) Follows up with them over time with new content and reminders of your offer Keep in mind, web traffic is just one component of the three required to sustain sales. The other two are: 1.

Testing new advertising campaigns and ad copy 2. Tracking and keeping records of your results from each campaign I follow a simple formula to create web traffic, qualified leads, responsive subscribers, loyal customers and even active affiliates who promote anything and everything I sell online. You can sum up the entire formula into the three major components I mentioned above, and create a fail-proof success system for your products, services and affiliate programs. After you've activated the formula, the best way to keep the momentum of traffic, leads and sales coming in on a consistent and even predictable basis, is in three words. What those three words are, and how to use them by combining eight other powerful elements is carefully documented elsewhere.

But here's the process I used personally on my site: 1. My visitor is directed through a tracking link (or affiliate link) to a lead capture page called a "Name Squeeze" where prospects give their contact information in order to get details of my report. 2. Upon submitting their contact information, they are immediately directed to my sales page for the details, and offer for the Instant Traffic Formula Scientific Marketing Report. 3. My follow-up autoresponder system immediately sends them an email reminding them of my offer, giving a few testimonials of the report and sends them a link to check it out at another time.

A few days later, they receive reminders of my offer, more quality feedback of my report, new articles and content about getting web traffic, and again - links back to my sales letter. The lead capture page serves to "pre-qualify" visitors who actually want to read my sales letter to find out more about my offer. I've heard a lot of people claim many visitors (and sales) can be lost by forcing your prospects to "do something" before they get to your offer -- but my direct experimentation and results show the majority (64.86%) of visitors who hit my site, sign up.

Once my visitors sign up, they become leads and are set into my autoresponder system to receive consistent follow-ups until they buy, or unsubscribe. Thankfully, the autoresponder service I use (Aweber allows me to easily direct my new subscribers to a custom "Thank You" page. Most web marketers still use the "default" thank you page and their subscribers are returned to a "thanks for subscribing - now close the window" type message. Useless. My thank you page re-directs to a tested sales letter that continues the mental conditioning process by giving in-direct answers to questions that were created in the mind of my prospects upon reading, and signing up from my Name Squeeze. Now that my three elements are together, I combine them with "CII" or the three most powerful words in all of marketing, and achieve phenomenal and consistent results over time.

Using just this part of the formula alone, can cause a massive shift in your bottom line. However, when the complete formula is both discovered and activated, you'll have a direct funnel to bring money "out of thin air" to you whenever you like, and for whatever you want. Do this. Think of something you'd like to have. Anything. It can be anything.

Don't limit yourself. A new car, a new house, a nice expensive necklace for a loved one -- anything. Now put a price on it. That's your goal. Your intention.

Write it down. Next, get out a calculator and punch in the price of what you want. Divide that number by the price for whatever item you want to sell. Round up to the nearest whole number, and you've got a definite number. This number equals the amount of sales you'll need to get your wish. Now use the formula described in this article, and funnel the correct amount of sales into your business, by getting the traffic, pre-qualifying them, and going for the sale using CII to guide you along every step of the way -- until you reach your desired number of sales.

Once the sales you've accumulated equal your desired amount, you get your wish. Try it for yourself and see the power in this technique to create anything you want. Above all, stay focused. keep the momentum.

and enjoy your prosperity in the new year!.

Jason Mangrum has just released his, "Instant Traffic Formula 2006" which divulges a complete, scientific marketing formula that brings web traffic, leads, subscribers and sales to any product, service or affiliate program. Click Here for more details...

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